IFATC Stats: 5-11 Jun 2021

This week’s IFATC Stats on Infinite Flight has been released. Continued growth and steady stats throughout the past 7 days!

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After a successful internal launch of our new Discord server, we are now opening it to the public!

Iron sharpens iron

As iron sharpens iron, so one person sharpens another. – Proverbs 27:17

Misusing Radar Vectors (RV)

A trend has been noted for the use of radar vectors as a substitute for a missed approach when an aircraft fails to intercept the localizer for their ILS approach. Here is other methods to handle such a situation.

True Airspeed versus Indicated Airspeed

There is a common misconception between the relationship between Indicated Airspeed (IAS) and Groundspeed (GS). Here is the difference between the two.

Welcoming 11 new IFATC Supervisors

We are extremely happy to welcome our newest IFATC Supervisors to the team!

What is Gliding? Part 3: Approach/Landing

A successful approach and landing in non-powered flight is essential, because a go-around is not an option. Learn to master a non-powered approach in today’s post.

IFATC Stats: 29 May – 4 Jun 2021

This week’s IFATC Stats on Infinite Flight has been released. We welcomed a lot of new controllers this week!

IFATCLive new Twitch streaming group

Learn more about IFATCLive, a new Twitch channel made up of a group of IFATC controllers streaming their expert ATC sessions on Infinite Flight.

Decision Altitude (DA)

The Decision Altitude (DA) is a specified altitude in the Precision Approach or approach with vertical guidance at which a Missed Approach must be initiated if the required visual reference to continue the approach has not been established.