Don’t leave your device too early

Making a long-haul flight is never easy, here are some tips to lower your risks of failing your flight!

So You’ve Hit Minimums…. Now What?

Many of us who use Infinite Flight are familiar with Instrument Approach Procedures and maybe even the associated charts. The addition of a terminal procedure database that came in the 20.1 update certainly made learning about instrument procedures more accessible to users across the community. Now, anyone can easily load any published SID, STAR, IAP … Continue reading So You’ve Hit Minimums…. Now What?


“Success is not final; failure is not fatal: It is the courage to continue that counts.” – Winston Churchill

Use all available runways

As an Air Traffic Controller you should always strive to use all available runways to the max extent possible as your runways are one of your most valuable resources. If you are manning the ATIS frequency always try to enable all available runways which could be used in the current airfield configuration. As the controller … Continue reading Use all available runways

Sourcing Your Argument

The most powerful tool you’ll have in an argument is facts, that back you up. You don’t need to have people to back you up if you have the evidence. If you are confronted with an opposing view, if you have a source, you can’t be wrong. That’s why we source our posts on here. … Continue reading Sourcing Your Argument

What classifies as “variable” winds

In the METAR for an airport you may see VRB or V listed in the meteorologic information. The definition can vary by country, but there is a standardized definition put out by the International Civil Aviation Organization. V: More than 6 km/h and variation less than 180°. Mean wind direction and variation. Annex 3, § … Continue reading What classifies as “variable” winds

The Buzz-Saw Effect in Modern Turbofan Engines

In most modern turbofan engines, at high engine power operating conditions, the fan tip rotation speed will become supersonic. The noise spectrum from a supersonic fan is very different compared to a fan that is rotating subsonically. Supersonic fans produce a multitude of high-amplitude tones at harmonics of the engine’s shaft rotation frequency. These tones … Continue reading The Buzz-Saw Effect in Modern Turbofan Engines

Magnetic versus True heading

Magnetic heading is your direction relative to magnetic north, read from your magnetic compass. True heading is your direction relative to true north, or the geographic north pole. The difference is due to the magnetic north pole and geographic north pole being hundreds of miles apart. The Earth rotates about its geographic axis; maps and … Continue reading Magnetic versus True heading


“If you get tired, learn to rest, not to quit.” – Banksy It is natural after a certain period of time to get burnt out. It’s all about being in touch with your limitations, and set some, like with controlling. The end goal is to have fun, what you’re doing no matter what it is … Continue reading Burnout

Get To Know The Community – Aviation Edition

Aviation is a very welcoming community with jobs and hobbies ranging from air traffic control, ramp agent, to flying planes and even balloons! Read the post here to learn more about some of our very own Infinite Flight Community members and their stories within aviation.