Don’t on-guard aircraft tuned into active frequencies

There is no normal scenario in which a controller is allowed to on guard an aircraft that is tuned in to another active frequency.

Divide the altitude you need to lose by 300

One way to calculate that is by dividing the altitude you need to lose by 300.

Should you report position

Reporting position should only be used if your intention is to inform the controller of your new intentions. Cleared for the option but intend on doing a full stop landing, report full stop. More of a nice gesture to report full stop since the controller already cleared you for a full stop landing in the … Continue reading Should you report position

How-To: Filing a Flight Plan

Filing a flight plan may seem difficult, or maybe even overwhelming at first. No need to worry, because in this post I will be explaining everything you need to know about how to make a basic flight plan from start to finish.

Teardrop Procedure Turn

When a teardrop procedure turn is depicted on an approach procedure and a course reversal is required, unless otherwise authorized by ATC, this type of procedure must be executed.

Use the separation given to you, trust your pilots

Holding patterns can be a great way to tame down and control high traffic areas without having to use huge swooping lines. You issue each aircraft a holding instruction on initial contact, which includes an altitude to maintain while flying in the pattern. Done.

How to become a good radar controller

A radar controller gives their perspective on how to become a successful IFATC radar controller when you’re first starting out.

Don’t sequence too early

If you sequence too early you might as well not sequence at all. You can’t not sequence at all, so don’t waste the pilot’s time and your time. Say there’s three aircraft in the pattern, all sequenced, cleared. All good. Then incomes a pilot 22 nautical miles away. What do you do? Do you ‘A’, … Continue reading Don’t sequence too early

Putting aircraft at clearance altitude on base

Here’s a tip to reduce a pilot’s workload at a critical phase of flight, when they’re on base about to be cleared for an approach.

How To Start Off On The Expert Server As A Controller

Upon joining the IFATC you will receive a very warm welcome from many people but most importantly you will gain access to controlling on the Expert Server. We will be giving you some advice on how to start off on the Expert Server and what to avoid.